Take a look below to see our frequently asked questions.

What is Largo Estate Walled Garden?

The Largo Estate Walled Garden is run by team of three Erin, Kathy and Lindsey who began the work in the Spring of 2021. Their on the ground activity is supported by the Monzie Estate team with guidance and direction from owners Alexandra and David Crichton plus extra help from Amanda and Lucy in the office.

The Walled Garden project is part of a wider effort to bring the Largo Estate back to life and the owner’s are slowly beginning to create strategies to take care of the existing buildings on site with the help of Buildings and Conservation Manager Vivienne Whyte.

Are you organic?

All of our produce is grown using ecological methods of production and without the use of chemicals in the unique setting of the Largo Estate Walled Garden. We aim to accredit with an organic certification body when we can, though already follow many of the associated practices.

What are ecological methods of production?

Come and chat to us in the garden to find out! But to start below are some of the things we do.

To cultivate we break the ground with tractor operated plough and harrow to begin our plots, and then after this our bed system is aiming for no dig by not inverting the soil again (like the plough does) and tilling as minimally as possible. We use a board fork to aerate the soil when it becomes compacted which leaves the soil structure intact allowing it to take its natural form and ecosystem - though sometimes we do need to dig out perennial weeds by hand!

We introduce green waste compost to mulch the beds in order to suppress weed seed and we are developing our in garden composting system to feed the soils of the land. Our own compost is currently made up of crop residue generated from the garden and organic straw and manure from the Balcaskie Estate.

We use heat minimally to propagate our seedlings so our vegetables and flowers are grown within the limitations of Scotland’s climate! Plus the amazing benefits of the walled garden environment and a further helping hand from two polytunnels.

And last but not least, we want the garden to not only be productive, but a wonderful biodiverse habitat for all sorts of wild life. The cut flower patch is of massive importance in the garden system to feed the pollinators and invite wild birds into the garden.

How do one-off boxes work?

When you sign up for a one-off box it arrives only once. It’s the right choice if you want to try the box first. We have limited availability of one-off boxes as produce is prioritised for folks who sign up for the full season. One-off boxes may not always be available.

Why should I sign up for a whole season?

We will prioritise spaces for customers who subscribe for a whole season so by signing up for a whole season you secure your box for the full 22 weeks! This also helps us plan our year ahead and ensuring that all the produce we grow makes it into people’s kitchens.

Lots of other reasons too!

You love lush and interesting vegetables/leaves,

You enjoy the challenge of creating meals with different ingredients each week,

You want to have access to the freshest produce, with minimal food miles,

You want to support local and independent businesses,

You would like to see the Largo Walled Garden continue to be brought back to life as a hub for the local community,

You would like to support Largo Walled Garden in our mission to grown produce for the local community in an environment that supports pollinators, biodiversity and, does not use any chemicals.

How does the deposit work?

A season deposit commits you to receiving a bag for the entire season and entitles you to 10% off your weekly bag. The deposit will be credited to your Ooooby account to be used for purchases and once it is used up you will be charged weekly for veg bags and any extras until the end of the season. If you don’t add anything extra to your weekly order of your box subscription no further funds will be charged.

Why should I pay in full now?

Paying in full now provides us as the producer with the security of funds and cashflow. It also gives us the confidence to grow our produce, knowing that it has already sold!

If I sign up for the whole season, can I change my mind?

If you are unsure about signing up for a whole season, please try a one-off box first. The full season subscription is for folks who love vegetables and are confident that they will use them.

I am going on holiday, but I have a full season subscription, what should I do?

Donate your box to one of our partner food banks! Give it to your neighbour! Or share it with a friend! If these options aren’t available to you then we can pause your box and you can use your Ooooby credit for other purchases when you return.

Where can I pick up my box from?

We are still working on our pick up points, however we currently have the following options:

Largo Community Library, 7 Lundin Square Lundin Links Leven KY8 6BH Wednesdays time TBC

Home Farm Cottage, Upper Largo, Leven, KY8 6EE Wednesdays 1pm-7pm

The Crusoe, 2 Main Street, Lower Largo, Leven, KY8 6BT Wednesdays 1pm- 7pm

Colinsburgh Town Hall, Main St, B942, Colinsburgh, Leven KY9 1LP Tuesdays time TBC

Do you deliver?

We are a small team of one full time and two part time staff with extra helpers here and there. Because of this we have created a range of pick up points to minimise our time driving, which means we can maximise our time on site and doing the growing. If you live near one of our wholesale drop off customers then we may be able to arrange something, please email sales@largoestate.co.uk.

Can I visit the garden?

Absolutely! We will be having open days on the following dates:

18/06 - 19/06 BloomIN Largo - 11am - 4pm

16/07- 17/07 Largo Arts Week 11 am- 4pm

07/08 - Flower from the Farm Big Weekend 10am-1pm

We will have vegetables and flowers available for purchase on all three dates. Including Pick Your Own Flowers. Visit our website for more details or email flowers@largoestate.co.uk.

If you would like to visit the garden with a group please email info@largoestate.co.uk